rhubarb, dogwood and flamingos, revisited.

Last year we visited friends in Brooklyn and I got this breakfast. It was so good (hello rhubarb!) that I took a picture. Also, I l.o.v.e.d the lion's head bowls:

 I thought the closest I'd get to recreating this dish was buying frozen rhubarb, putting it in the freezer and willing it to make itself into something. (So far, it has only willed me to move it around as I grab for frozen mango). But then, I found the exact same bowls. They don't stack well but they do make me incredibly happy, and make for a great still life, so you may see them around. Like here & here.

This is all to say, the rhubarb is still in our freezer, but we have a 2 hour layover at JFK next week and it's starting to seem really reasonable to schedule a visit to that Brooklyn restaurant during that window.

In truth, the whole rhubarb/lion's head bowls loving thing probably wouldn't  have happened if we hadn't had breakfast in this courtyard. With this wall:

Brick, patina & dogwood blossoms. I had to run back to the car to get the camera. Part of me thinks that wall really launched my desire to capture small moments and fetching images into a collection of lovely things. Look at this wall. Perfection:

Speaking of perfect, I ate this breakfast one year ago with my lovin' husband, who at that point was just a good lovin' man.

I didn't mean to subtly imply that he's like a harlequin romance novel man.  I did mean to imply that he should consider how much I deserve a flamingo.


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  1. Beautiful flower photos (and that granola looks wicked good)!