I saved our coffee grinds this morning and tried to remember a bath scrub I'd made a few years ago. I couldn't, so I made it up again. It's a perfect morning pick-me-up, if you like that sort of thing. Plus it takes 3 minutes and you can ignore my amounts and ingredients and make your own*. The key is: something scrubby, something oily, something minty. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Here's today's Coffee Morning Scrub
1. Find a small container with a lid
2. Mix:
   -Yesterdays coffee grinds +
   -1 big spoonful of brown sugar +
   -1 tblspn of oil (I prefer Alba's Kukui nut oil, a mix of a few oils, but almond, coconut, etc will do) +
   -Few drops Dr Bronners liquid Peppermint soap (or a minty essential oil)
3. Use as a morning body scrub (shower may also require a rinse)
4. Since this is a textile focused blog, here's the link: Put scrub a nice glass container, tie with ribbon, make your own sewn pouch, tie with another ribon, share with friends.

* Mitch Hedberg has a joke that he tells that goes nowhere so he says "I'm going to take all the words out [of that joke] and add new words. That joke will be fixed." If you don't know Mitch Hedberg, you should youtube him, and watch it after your morning body scrub.


Summer, revisited

I forgot to post these wonderful linen finds from a summer Church sale in Middlebury. The masthead photo on this blog is a shot I took of the thread spools after purchase on what must have been one of the only sunny summer days. The linens are vintage floral dying to be refashioned into something new and I can't fully express my love for wooden thread spools.
All for $31.


What can I say. I'm pretty into it.
Even though it just lives in my closet and isn't making itself into anything yet.

Also in the realm of loving things: Etsy
Bought this necklace last week. It's
light as a feather and maybe
the prettiest thing you've
seen all day.

And look at that
it looks good with tulle.
'Course it does.


Union Street

I love the antique store on Flynn Ave.
Found this sign last week.
Now I love it more.

White Pumpkins & Paper Whites

It got cold. Fast. This week I bought a coat in the middle of the day because the wind blew through my sweater and scarf. Later that night a friend gave me some little paperwhite bulbs, which I love, but trigger images of eager snowflakes. There's nothing I like better than winter, than pillow perfect snow and warm houses, but winter wonderlands belie stick season, snow shoveling, window scraping and now crossing fingers that friends wont be snowed in or out of the wedding.

In fairness, it's not even Halloween. I have yet to take my new little power drill to the perfect Martha pumpkins. It is chilly and not California.

Cape Stones

We spent a lovely week on the cape. Here are my favorite finds after they found their way home; milky white pebble stones and heart shaped rocks. That big hunk of a heart was one that Drew came home with after a run on the trails behind our house.

 I started out impressively avoiding the obsessive collection habits I can have when I'm around pretty things (a story about moss collection to follow), but a few days in I caved.

On the beach, I heard parents informing their children that they couldn't "take all of those rocks home." I suppose I might be one of those parents some day. But until then...look at all of these great rocks I found at the beach!

Broken Camera & The Love Foods

My camera has a mild anxiety attack every time I turn it on. Always a lover of storybooks, I don't really believe in just writing at you, thus a delinquency of posts. But the fall is outstanding in Vermont and I've been collecting bits and pieces of things and coming to terms with how close our wedding is, so with a borrowed camera, we'll see if I can make up for some lost weeks.

Here's one of my favorite old finds from the Brooklyn Flea market from a visit with Sophie & Liz a few years ago: It states "Add more zest, zip, vigor and passion to your life with vitamin and mineral packed aphrodisiacs cooked in your own kitchen. This handbook is a complete dictionary of love foods and herbs you should keep in your cupboard."