Save it!

tip. tap. tip. type. tip. tap. tap. tip. spending a bit of time at the typewriter these days. amazing small children. trying not to jam the keys. tip. tap. type. tip tap. in awe of typography.

loving the thwap, thwap, thwap, ding!
irregular letters, crooked lines!

forget email. i'm going to start sending you telegraphs.


Something Old

While cleaning out my grandmother's home, we found many little notes and descriptors that my grandmother had made and tucked into drawers and vases. In one of my last trips, my mom and I found a small box with a note that the contents were my great-grandmother's wedding lace. It is divine. It's old and there are tatters, but it is really the most amazing discovery I could have asked for as my own planning began.

I took it home to see about cleaning.