Save it!

tip. tap. tip. type. tip. tap. tap. tip. spending a bit of time at the typewriter these days. amazing small children. trying not to jam the keys. tip. tap. type. tip tap. in awe of typography.

loving the thwap, thwap, thwap, ding!
irregular letters, crooked lines!

forget email. i'm going to start sending you telegraphs.


  1. You should have seen your grandfather's first electric typewriter--a Smith Corona original. It looked just like an old manual--all the linkages were exposed. I liked it a lot more than the "modern" Smith Corona I got for my Bar Mitzvah or the IBM "Selectric" with the fancy spinning type wheel, I somehow acquired later.
    Last time I was in Providence, I found the little brush that he'd use to clean the gunk out of the keys (after picking some out with a toothpick). I know that the ink gunk is an important part of your aesthetic, but I'll save the brush for you...sometimes the smallest mementos carry the biggest emotional charge.

  2. I just bought a foldable Smith Corona on Ebay. I want a typewriter at the wedding but mine is like lifting a small child. It arrived in need of some tlc so it's living with Forrest and Kelly for fixing. We'll see if it makes it to the nuptials.