A new blog & a new career!

This online journal has moved to: blog.clementinestore.com  for Clementine, a small shop nestled in Middlebury VT that I opened in the fall of 2010. It's filled with handmade, vintage and fetching new finds for you, your loved ones and babies. And you can shop online at www.clementinestore.com 

Please bookmark, visit, comment & join me over there.
xo Emily


breaking up is indecisive at best

sophie & eleanor postings have taken a few day hyatus while I contemplate leaving blogger.

Since Monday I've been tumbling in aesthetic cartwheels (/wasting a lot of time) trying to find a tumblr template that suits. I'm not going to say it's a decision tantamount to marriage. But it's testing my ability to commit. It's also a gazillion degrees in Vermont and I'm spending all of my free time trying to find new rivers to swim in, which is gloriously not conducive to being anywhere close to a computer.  In conclusion, stay tuned, S&E may be moving. 

As for the marriage, I found a husband who makes nutella ice cream in secret at 6am on a Saturday morning and biscotti after work. He's a hell of a lot easier to commit to than html.


piles of vintage, sacks of love

The other day I walked out of an antique store with a little pile of finds, already daydreaming about what I was going to make. I opted to carry them to my car without a bag and when I looked down, I realized how great the little pile looked together.  Ready for their project, but pretty great just stacked on a table.

also, a new obsession with grain sacks is in full swing:

these cow stamped sacks are my absolute favorite:

mountains from molehills

I have piles of vintage linen, lace and scrap cotton which I keep in the back of my mind, and brainstorm projects. A few weeks ago, I got an idea and left it to incubate. Finally, on a free evening I began. Here's a bit. More to follow:

dear strawberry

I swear, I do still make things. But these days I've grown increasingly devoted to images that make my heart flip flop (in the least indecisive way). This is probably due to my camera - my husband's brainchild of a perfect gift this Christmas gift.  I never had any interest in taking photos, I just wanted to make things. But something about this camera, makes the image collection almost as fun.

So I'll start to post things made again soon, but in the mean time:
strawberries distract.

It seems I've begun a series of letters to food that I love. A series it is.