Broken Camera & The Love Foods

My camera has a mild anxiety attack every time I turn it on. Always a lover of storybooks, I don't really believe in just writing at you, thus a delinquency of posts. But the fall is outstanding in Vermont and I've been collecting bits and pieces of things and coming to terms with how close our wedding is, so with a borrowed camera, we'll see if I can make up for some lost weeks.

Here's one of my favorite old finds from the Brooklyn Flea market from a visit with Sophie & Liz a few years ago: It states "Add more zest, zip, vigor and passion to your life with vitamin and mineral packed aphrodisiacs cooked in your own kitchen. This handbook is a complete dictionary of love foods and herbs you should keep in your cupboard."

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  1. I think this book is pure 1970's genius, though there is a whole chapter titled "Zinc: Nature's Sex Tonic," which I find suspect since zinc on an empty stomach is the best recipe for nausea that I know.