Cape Stones

We spent a lovely week on the cape. Here are my favorite finds after they found their way home; milky white pebble stones and heart shaped rocks. That big hunk of a heart was one that Drew came home with after a run on the trails behind our house.

 I started out impressively avoiding the obsessive collection habits I can have when I'm around pretty things (a story about moss collection to follow), but a few days in I caved.

On the beach, I heard parents informing their children that they couldn't "take all of those rocks home." I suppose I might be one of those parents some day. But until then...look at all of these great rocks I found at the beach!

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  1. When Emily was in grade school she often went out adventuring in the woods by our house. One day I looked out and saw her hacking away at a huge rock. A while later, she came in with her carved-out piece: 12 inches long and a shape so gorgeous.... like a fish, with perfect quartz salmon colors. It took my breath away. It still does. I always have it somewhere close by.