I've been distracted. In part because our trip to Italy is al.most.here. Last week we made pizzas. They looked super good going onto the grill. We still haven't mastered the part where they come off.

Back to Italy. Please send along your best suggestions for little stops and towns. We're doing a nice circle tour: Flying in to Rome, up to Florence, up more to the mountain towns (someone needs a Giro D'Italia fix), down through Verona, along the coast to Tuscany down to Sorrento and back to Rome).  I lived in Florence in '95 and am not sure I have a single picture. That will change.

Also, I'm leaving half of my suitcase empty. There's nothing like space to fill.

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  1. emily!! my fam went to italy in dec 07. it was amazing. florence was my favorite. can't wait to hear all about it. love laiah