there's no romance like a harlequin romance

We're doing a major house clean out, so I'm trying very hard not to acquire things.  But then this happened:

Grocery store, late in the evening. Table of 'free' books. Wait, does that sound too classy? That's because it was actually a grocery cart full of free books. I walked safely by, but look what caught my eye.
Impossible to resist, just like their love....

You must read the back. (Yes, I'm putting them in soft focus, because that's how they were meant to be viewed. )

That's right, she's going to care for two kids and  a pet flamingo. I already can't believe I didn't get a pet flamingo with my wedding.

And just in case I didn't already have the strange sensation that someone used the basic framework of my life for a harlequin romance book, hold on, because there's a romantic trip to Italy coming up. I kid not. 

I'm already drafting a strongly worded letter to my alma matter suggesting a course in the feminist theories of the harlequin romance.

Tomorrow we'll return to the regularly scheduled blogging about pretty things, but how could I not share these gems, which I am absolutely going to be reading on the plane while someone else reads Outside magazine and pretends not to know me.

ps. I really wanted to call this post: ain't no romance like a harlequin romance, but writing ain't pains me almost as much as using emoticons.


  1. You know how much I love this!

  2. they're yours! it's really fantastic writing, as you can imagine.

  3. emily, it's uncanny how much we collect the same things. perhaps you need to stop chez moi next time you're in town and trade your vintage harlequins for mine. they're ridiculous, and i love them to pieces. i do not, however, have any that feature a pet flamingo!

  4. kelly! I'd love to. I bet we could also choose choice passages for printing.

    "Even Aprodite's Rock, rising Dover Cliff-white out of a pastel blue sea, had not left her rapturous as before..."