arrest me.

On Wednesday, it snowed; huge sopping hunks of snow. Today it was 80+ degrees, or, as I used to tell my mom, it was "sweating hot."

Somewhere between then and now, everything popped. The flowers burst open. We have cascades. Full, pregnant branches, heavy with perfection.

I can't think about anything else.

On Friday night, it is possible that I slipped into shoes and leashed the dog in a flurry; that I whispered to my sleeping husband: "I found an tree that just blossomed on the side of the road. Come and find me if I'm not back soon."

Let's be clear: I wouldn't ever go into anyone's yard and take branches from their trees. I wouldn't trespass (knowingly). But I know every empty lot with a lilac bush, every roadside apple tree.
In the spring, I drive with scissors in my car. 

I come home with arms full.  Maybe giddy. I pull vases out. I pour water. I prune. The kitchen sink becomes a procession.

This is what I love: that we can have a home that's too small, a rug that's too dirty, walls that are uninspired. But with five labored snips, a little water and our wedding vases, I can walk into our home and my heart skips. Every time I come through the door.


  1. "...THE EVER-PRESENT SEARCH FOR ALL THINGS FETCHING." Your wordage is admirable Miss Em! Albeit, technically Missus.

  2. The pictures make my heart skip.

  3. this made me go out and clip some lilacs and azaleas from my yard this morning. headed out shortly for an evening walk with Bella. scissors in hand - there's a huge "vacant" lilac bush up the steet... ;o)

  4. you all are fantastic. even, anonymous, who is very mysterious. Vermont is amazing right now. I love your comments and only wish you could post photos of the flowers in your neighborhoods!

  5. also, that lovely photo in the background is from a wonderful photographer. I bought it on etsy, her work can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/people/irenesuchocki

  6. Apples don't fall too far from the tree............ As "Eleanor" (& Paul)used to say: Always travel with a pair of shears in the glove compartment and a crowbar in the trunk"

  7. i am in love with the arrangement... absolutely beautiful!

  8. Your eye for beauty inspires me.


  9. anonymous (from syracuse?): this apple fell right under the wendy tree, that fell very close to the ellie tree. I've stopped short of the crowbar, but what a great image, they were prepared...

    Thank you Mariel!

    & Christie, your eye for justice inspires me! xo