brown paper packages tied up with string. favorite things one: egg cups

My sewing machine took a bit of a respite during the beginning of 2010. Thanks to a wayward patch falling from O's cubscout uniform, I finally pulled it out again last week.

My plan for this week was to update with the new mini-sewing project I'm working on - full of bits and pieces of lace, vintage cotton & silk.

But the morning and afternoon light lately have been soul swelling and I've pulled out all of my favorite things to photograph.

And so begins a series I've been meaning to start anyway:
my favorite things (, a few of).

Number One: Egg Cups

I began collecting these a few summers ago. There is something about the sweetness of their shape that always catches my eye. Especially those with that tiny gold rim.

Though the simple plain ones are just lovely.

This set came as a pair though they have a crooked symmetry.

My mom says I used to love what she called an "eggie chopped up in a cuppie."

If nothing else, I still devour the cup.


  1. Where do you get your egg cups? I love a soft boiled egg, but I have never found the proper egg cup to hold it in. I just put them in an espresso cup.

    Christie p

  2. thank you melissa!

    christie, i've found all of them at antique stores. there are some really great kitchy ones out there, though I like the plain ones. look around and if you can't find one I'd happily send you one of mine.