Clear Skies

A few weeks ago Casey the girl dog and I took a walk out to the Middlebury Organic gardens, one of our favorite spots. The panoramic views are incredible. And while I'd planned to take photos of the tilled gardens and trees, Casey is an enthusiastic walker and after being roped up and twisted around, I basically pointed my camera skyward and shot.  For me, Middlebury can leave a bit do be desired interpersonally, but it revives itself with some of the most painting-worthy landscapes and skies I've ever seen.

Speaking of beautiful skies, picture these for us, if you will, next week when Drew and I head to our belated but eagerly anticipated Italian honeymoon. Though we can't wait to be there, neither is a huge fan of the getting there. (What? You have extra sedatives in your medicine cabinate? Of course you're welcome for dinner, but you can leave the meds at home, we've both already had the "I'd actually like to not know I'm on a plane at all" conversation with certified doctors.) And away we go!


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  1. ciao- are you coming to Florence or Chianti?
    stop by my site for dining guides!