Onesie Potato

In case you were wondering: yes, wearing an empire-ish waist dress to your wedding is a sure way to get half a dozen messages a week later, asking if you're knocked up.

Nobody's making a baby here (raise your hand if you think I could stand watching Drew drink wine in Italy alone).  However, I like baby things more than what Drew generically categorizes lovingly refers to as "pretty things" and I've had the phrase "Oh! Hello" in my head since the valentines.  "Oh! hello world" seemed appropriate for a newborn onsie. So, I decided to make some baby-gift stock on this chilly day. Also, my growing population of new-mom friends can correct me, but I think the handmade baby shower gift is really appreciated, if you can/like to.

It's also possible I had a potato that was going bad and wanted to make something (see: sprouts upon the potato, below).

Here's another plug for potato printing. It's easy and pretty satisfying. Except when you spend 20 minutes carving the potato, only to stamp, print and discover (again!) that you forgot to carve in reverse.

I'm showing you this carving to reinforce the point: Carve backwards. Every time. *

*This post, written by a woman who once sent her boyfriend, now husband, the insanely thoughtful romantic gift of a letterpress letter d for his initials dp, only to receive a letter in return stamped "bq".

Touché, everpresent lesson of reversed letters, touché.


  1. or, éhcuot!
    Love the onesie idea--
    Just think of all the ways and things that can be stencilled ...endless & exciting...so many things a potato can do.

  2. beautiful photo too!