...or, "how I'm finally realizing the benefits of spending months pouring through antique stores in search of the perfect blue and clear bottles."

I rewarded my spring cleaning efforts with a bouquet of spray roses - the perfect fillers to a handful of the glass bottles I collected for the wedding.

I bough two or three antique glass bottles at a time throughout the fall, falling in love with the subtle differences in glass color, shape and the antique advertising of different potions and remedies in raised letters and decorations along the glass.

Not only do these make the sweetest mini-vases, it's an excuse to spring-clean the generic vases we have lying around. 

Wouldn't it be great if wedding rental businesses had vintage sections? (pssst, hi Grace!)


  1. i have a soft spot in my heart for bottles like this...and don't even get me started on mason jars!!

    i love you blog. i love love your winter wedding. and i would love love love to be vermont blog friends (-:


  2. Hi there, have just seen your wedding on the blogs and it's so beautiful! I wish I was near you so I could break into your house & steal the linens and glassware ;D (kidding!)

  3. @Kate, I'm going to take may day studio's letterpressing class on April 10, I think there's still space!

    @Catherine, I'd fight you for the bottles, but the linens are sitting dormant, I need to find something to do with them. Also, I clicked on your blog and your illustrations are adorable! So much fun to see!

  4. Thank you! Darn, and the bottles are so pretty too :) Hey, perhaps you could make little bundles of the linens in pretty ribbon & either give them as gifts or open an etsy shop? Be hard to let them go though!