Once upon a DIY wedding

A month back my favorite wedding dress designer spoke with my favorite wedding blogger and I got a lovely note (on my birthday of all days!) from Emily of Once Wed asking to feature our wedding on oncewed.com. Having poured hours and days and weeks into the collecting and planning and creating of our sweet little wedding, this was a pretty warm thrill in the middle of chilly February.

Here is our celebration, parts one & two. I can't thank Emily enough, not just for contacting me, but for creating such a well spring of inspired wedding celebrations. I was under-whelmed with the majority of wedding related magazines & websites. Then I stumbled on websites like oncewed (more of my favorites on the right side bar) and a new world of unique wedding aesthetics opened. And from them, tons of links to talented women designing their own unique celebrations. Blogging can be a little vacuum, and it's been fun to hear from friends and fellow readers (of the hidden, but increasingly main stream alternative wedding blogs). I can and can't wait to explore your blogs from the links you're sending.

Anyone who has tried to craft & design their own wedding knows that there's nothing quite like it. Especially if you're inclined to make things yourself. (Sidenote: This guest blogger on 100layercake created a fantastic spreadsheet for how to determine if a DIY project is worth it, I wish I'd had it). This blog gathers my inspiration and projects. Capturing some of the wedding projects was a natural addition.

Cheers to all for the collective dopamine and inspiration that new, found & created images bring!

(photo, my favorite from our photographer).


  1. So happy to see your wedding featured on OW. Looked great. Congrats!

  2. I adore 100layercake - one of the best go-tos for DIY wedding projects & overall inspiration!