Italy: questions you didn't even know you had

I'm going to answer the two questions you'll inevitably have about our trip to Italy:

1. Did we buy a Priest-of-the-Month calendar?
2. Did we see an Italian dog in a stroller?

I'm happy to report that the answer to both of those questions is: yes.

Proof of #1

Proof of #2

I don't think the two are related by anything other than sheer entertainment. But you're already a little jealous about #1, aren't you.


  1. Speaking of which, if you didn't see John Stewart last night (yes, I was actually up at 11pm), Father Guido Sarducci (same guy who wrote Lazlo Toth letters) talked about Glenn Beck's deep ties with the Vatican. Now that you're 1/2 an Italian Catholic instead of a 1/2 a Vermont Jew, you might want to check it out.

  2. Where do I get that calendar. You tell me. RIGHT NOW! It's a little grainy, but I'll take April for the win.

  3. dad, I always learn the best things about my heritage from blogs. I did see him on, though I think it was Colbert. Incidentally, I'm kind of into taking myself more seriously and I've been itching to have a radio show, so I'm sort of feeling Glenn Beck these days.

    BTB - streets of Rome. For a plane ticket & 6 euros, it could be yours. Or I could put it on ebay, I hear you bid high. Up to you.

  4. I'm all about Mr. March.