Florence: Love Lock

I have a soft spot for displays of affection that border on public nuisance. Like the Montpelier Valentines Day Bandit and John Cusack with that boom-box, so it's only natural that I was pretty into these chains of locks hanging on a Florence street near the Ponte Vecchio.  

Despite having no idea what it was, there seemed to be a romantic undertone which today's search confirms.

This little 'ok' was my favorite. In a sea of weighty symbols of love, I like the nonchalance.

It may be worth noting that we went to Italy with: plane tix, reservations for 10 nights at 6 hotels and a rental car reservation. We had no other plans and no itineary.  No museums, tours, or must-sees. These love locks were between a famous bridge and a famous museum, both of which I think are incredible - I love paintings, statues and frescoes up close and in person, but I just can't shake the feeling that something is lost when you're stuffed in a hot room after a long line with a gazillion other people. So we forwent the plans and focused on the sweet (and savory) stuff in between.

We brought a camera. We forgot our padlock.


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