a broad goes abroad: oh, hello Italy!

We left for Italy on May 26th. Our itinerary: Rome to Florence to Ponte di Legno to Verona to impromptu stops in both Sirmione and (one of the five) Cinque Terre before heading south to Tuscany, Sorrento & the Amalfi coast and back up to Rome. It was a darn near perfect trip.

We took nearly 2000 photos and in the days and weeks ahead I'll chronicle a few of our new and reinvigorated loves including but not limited to: espresso, olive trees, vineyards and everything derived from them, gelato doorways and door knockers, mozzarella and tomatoes, coastal towns, boats, pizza, prosciutto & melone, little cars and sweeping vistas.

We'll begin with the first view: my feet on my carry-on (that's right, we carried on - we did not, however, carry-off) at the Burlington airport. The vistas get much better and a bit more panoramic.


  1. Those shoes look good for walkin'. Would you divulge the brand?

  2. indeed! they're steve madden. I have 2 pairs of the black and one in red. I love them, and they're super for travel, but they offer zero support.

  3. I would like to know your secret for packing 10 day worth of clothes into a carry-on suitcase. :-)

    Welcome home!

  4. Christie - good question. In short, I'm an excellent packer, but really my hate of the checked luggage process drives this ability. We were packing for seaside to the alps too so it was rough, but I got it done. My mom asked me to document what I brought too, so maybe I'll have to post about it in the future...