favorite things (five): a good pen is hard to find

You may have heard the same thing about men, but I guarantee, finding your soul mate of a pen brings a host of rewards in its own right.

Mine, these days, is Le Pen. It has a micro-fine plastic point that gives a great clear ink saturated line. We wrote our thank-you cards with these, I use them for most journaling, and the colors are fantastic. My go-to color these days is slate gray, though periwinkle is a close second.

You might notice the chewed end, which is not the result of love, but of accidentally throwing him in with the kids' marker bag. Luckily, Le Pen doesn't care where he ends up and mingles amicably with Crayola.  I, however, will end up at the stationary store buying another.

Do you have a favorite go-to pen? A pen you can't write without? Do tell.

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