dear reader. dear blogger

I don't know what Blogger is up to these days. I logged on today and one simple click to update the title photo spun me into an Alice-in-Wonderland twist of frustrating template updating. It's as if Blogger saw new blog sources appear and felt like it had to get botox to keep up.  I'm already yearning for the old simple look, but it won't let me go back.

So here we are all swooping lines, background images, colors and fonts that I had little control over. Not to mention an error message at every turn. Alas, I've done my best, and am signing off in a bit of frustration. The posted photos, title photo and words are mine and I suppose it's not a terrible new look, it just doesn't feel like mine.

Are any of you using other blog creators? I'm starting to hear Tumblr calling my name.

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