Journaling Italy

The idea of keeping a diary never appealed to me. As much as I wanted to document, recording deeply personal and inevitably embarrassing letters to my diary ended in failure every time.  I was in my late teens when I discovered Sabrina Ward Harrison's journals-turned-books and her style immediately captivated me. Lush artwork mixed with poignant words and lists. I devoured her books and bought blank journals often, stuffing them full of scraps and ideas to remember until I had extended hours to paste, paint, write and arrange it all together.

Italy called for a new journal - a sweet red moleskine with a pocket in back and an elastic scrap to keep it all in.  Plus a red sticker reproduction of an old luggage tag.

Someday soon, I'll sort through everything stuffed within.

Do you have a trusted journal or favorite pen? Do tell...

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