thirty one.

It is finally snowing again and I am practicing the fine art of doing only things I love on my birthday. I  spent the day mostly alone thinking about all of the years ahead. Coupled with sweet touches, thoughtful notes, a little yoga, a latte and a new mary oliver book everything looks luscious and love filled and ready for new shifts and changes. Scrolling through a few images from the last year, I realize how much has to do with light. And love. And a little space to figure it all out.

Here's to more of that. And to all of the people who fill the space between and make my world full.

(1. my christmas gift from O, a hand sewn grey pillow, adorable; 2. sun and snow a few days after our wedding - oh Vermont!; 3. Milkpod exploding - photographed on a ski; 4. Heart in the snow; 5. My great-grandma's wedding lace; 6. Peony opening; 7. Wedding linens; 8. green washed wall & dogwood in Brooklyn; 9. Blurry drive home from Lake Champlain)

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