'Something old' doesn't really capture it. We found some of the most beautiful pieces of lace from my great grandmother's wedding dress. It is intricate with leafy tendrils and floral flourishes.  I wanted to use it somehow in my wedding, but was hesitant to take a step to detach or re-purpose pieces of it without having a clear design in mind. I unraveled and washed it carefully and there it sat. Many ideas, no clear plan.
In the end I went simple, using the smallest piece for my ring pillow, and made a corresponding pillow for Drew's ring. This happened the day before the wedding, with my mom's help. An old, (or rather new sweater that accidentally ended up in the dryer) was used for the base. 
A simple bit of thin lace ribbon to hold the ring finished mine. Velvet ribbon & a button for Drew's. There were also small straps on the underside so the boys could hold them easily with them falling.


  1. ah! love this. my wedding dress came with a bit of extra fabric and i've been wondering what to do with it :) i think you just gave me my answer.

    loved your wedding photos on oncewed.com by the way--congratulations :)

  2. thank you!

    a ring pillow is a great use of extra fabric and it's a pretty simple project. I do suggest sewing loops on the underside if you have little ones holding them. Good luck & happy planning!