I meant to post something for Valentine's Day but got lost (metaphorically) on a long xc ski with Casey, the happiest dog on the planet, while the boys were off downhill skiing.

I could describe all of the things I don't like about valentines day. But it turns out, I kind of like the underlying sentiment. I love love and dopamine and all of those chemicals. And I'm totally charmed by things like this. My imagined Valentine's Day post was a list of things that make me feel fluttery and love-filled. So I was gathering all of the things I love and I found this photo of olives from our mini-moon to Stowe. I got distracted. This kind of thing happens to me, a lot. Especially if the task at hand is looking at pretty things. So here we are: you, me and this adorable mini-cast iron pot of olives and I don't really want to list things.

Last night Drew actually came home with olives  and flowers. I made purple rice which the boys refused to eat until they tried it, ate half of it and remembered they didn't like it. Everyone ate most of their dinner and we iced cookies and laughed about things and fell asleep watching the Olympics. So I forgot to post about what I really wanted to post about (dopamine, norepinephrine and oxytocin). Maybe I'll do that today. 

In the mean time here's a tiny cast iron pot with olives. It's pretty great. 

And really: Everything I would have conveyed is summed up in this and (for me) a little of this (plus all of the images in the links to the right) and whatever music makes you glad you were born.

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