Sweet Baby in Yellow

Many many of my friends are entering baby mode which, for a someone who loves to sew small things, is a perfect reason to try out new projects. Last Winter/Spring I began making a series of "hooded" baby blankets with cotton on one side and flannel on the other and little reversible hoods. They were actually really easy to put together. They're reversible for warmer/cooler weather and babies can be swaddled tight or just play peek-a-boo with the hood. 
My wonderful friends Caroline & Tim, who I lived with in San Francisco, had baby Audrey in the Fall of 2007. Caroline sent me this photo of Audrey wearing my blanket, which I love. This was at the height of my yellow phase. This phase resulted in obsessive yellow purchases: a yellow bag on the way home from a conference, a yellow scarf on the streets of New York, a yellow cardigan from Target, a yellow dress from a store on Newbury St in Boston with Drew just before getting caught in a rain storm.  For Audrey it meant all yellow fabric; yellow calico on one side, yellow flannel on the other. 
  I had a perfect summer visit when them on the RI shore this August and met Audrey for the first time. She is a delicious baby with tremendous pouty lips and a curious and sweet demeanor. She is, what one might call, terrible birth control.

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