I love pink. 
It's true. I love pink the way other people love chocolate or the beach or sport teams. It's ok. I took years of feminist theory. I have analyzed gender roles. I don't think women should stay home or wear aprons. I don't think guys should have to love football or fix stuff. I hate the term "throw like a girl." I wish we gave every kid dump trucks and dolls and let them play in the dirt equally. I used to play in the dirt. I used to eat worms and play baseball.  But when it comes down to it, I love pink. I love sewing, and I love skirts. So my projects are not usually very gender neutral. 

That said, my best customers and inspirations as of late have been Drew's kids. They are boys boys. They are: jump off, push off, throw things off, punch into, dump out, climb up, build, crash, yell, kind of boys. Yet they both love my sewing. They love the things that I make and each time they see me at my sewing machine someone asks "when are you going to make that bag/mask/coat/quilt for my bunny?" So I made them quilts for Christmas. You probably didn't know there was flannel construction fabric or silver skull & crossbones cotton. But there is. And it will make you two cozy blankets and happy kids. Here they are at xmas. 

Lucas (4) with Construction Blanket
Owen (6 at xmas, now 7) with Pirate Blanket
And me, demonstrating, what I intended to do with the blankets: somehow fasten velcro or ties to make the blankets double as capes...next time....

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