Summer Quilts

These are the summer quilts, or: What happened when I just gave in to the fabric. 

1. Sunburst: 
This quilt started from reading beautiful sewing books and finally accepting that I had absolutely no interest in following a pattern. I had swatches of fabric that I loved. I had memories of my mom blocking out queen size quilts and sewing perfect crisp patterns. Part of me wanted to do that, but most of me didn't. I wanted to make hundreds of baby-size quilts that were impossible to describe or make patterns for. So I just started cutting and sewing. 
I cut pieces without measuring and started piecing this soft puzzle together. 
Cotton and linen and flannel. 
Around and around and around. 
It was July 
I was in love with yellow 
It was insanely fun to sew
2. Sun & Grass
I began making this pinwheel sun and couldn't decide what to do with it. 
And then it seemed like there should be a landscape around it.
Which made sense because what could be better than
fields of green calico and silk.

3. Little Boxes
This was the closest I got to sewing a formal quilt. The little japanese house & bird fabric is ridiculously adorable. Seriously, don't your ovaries explode a little bit just looking at it? 
This was a very simple pieced quilt with larger boxes in the right bottom that tumble into smaller boxes. 
When it was finished, I spent car rides and hours on couches hand stitching around the houses. 
I fell in love with orange thread and the little orange birds flying behind the houses.


  1. These quilts would be wonderful not just for babies, but for college students leaving home for the first time...

  2. The quilt with the houses is so lovely; it makes my heart ache.