Hearts & Cards

Nine years ago I decided to make Valentine's day cards for all of my favorite people. I didn't like Valentine's day with all of the expectations, horrible hallmark cards and boring red roses. But I loved hearts. And I loved paper. In my Boston apartment, I staged my own rebellion. Mass producing card after card. It was a lot of work. I had glue on my fingertips for weeks. I was up in the wee hours of the night finishing.  I was surrounded by scraps and clippings of paper. They stuck to my floorboards and showed up in my bags. I was tired for work and, like every project I start, I underestimated the time and was outstandingly overwhelmed in the end. I was pretty sure I wouldn't attempt a second year. But at the bottom of the work, I loved it. I loved addressing the envelopes to friends and family. I loved sending them to new friends and my oldest friends. I loved the idea of sending bits of love to people. It made me feel like I was living exactly the way I should be. I get so happy when I see them on friends' refrigerators. And people really liked them. So I continued. In my first year of law school I used an old legal dictionary as the back drop. When I lived in DC I walked to the post office laden with cards and the woman standing in line next to me said "you must have a lot of Sweethearts!" One year I cut out paper flowers with an exacto knife, another year I sewed string from side to side with tiny paper hearts slung on each mini-thread line. I'm always out of time, but I'm always excited beyond belief to get started. 

I will probably never send you a Christmas card, but I hope I will always send these mass valentine's cards. 

So it's year 9 and I hope you send me your addresses....(I'd also love if you sent back cards from years past if you save them, I'm always too exhausted to make an extra for myself.) 


  1. I still have last year's card on my refrigerator! Love it!

  2. Nice, thank you! They do make good book marks after the fact...I need to get this year's together soon....