Sleigh for sale. Side of road.

On my way to Montpelier last week I saw a house with a sleigh for sale on the front lawn. A sleigh. Like Santa Clause  (but old-fashion, think: turn of the century Santa).

Things like this happen in Vermont. Things like this happen to me. I see something and find myself 45 minutes down the road still thinking about it. Sometimes before I know it, I've turned around and  all of a sudden, I own it.  Settle down, husband. I'm not going to buy this sleigh. We don't have room for it. But it was great looking and I've always wanted a sleigh bed.

It did motivate me to start bringing my camera in the car and document the tremendous pop of green we've had lately.

Plus the blue sky, plus blossoming.

I see why people design fabric, or wall paper. Over the river and through the woods never looked so good.

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