an ancestry: papering walls (one)

A quick visit to my parents' home this weekend resulted in a great barn search. My mom and I were looking for a wallpaper series my grandparents created just before my she was born.  Her parents were artists, and stories about their life and my moms early years are full of scavenging and construction. For long periods of time my grandfather, Paul, was a portrait artist and a picture framer. My grandmother, Ellie, was a prolific painter and art teacher. In between they took on projects. (That's probably an understatement).

In the barn's attic we found two of the wall paper samples. Here is the first:

They had a long narrow studio at the time and my grandfather built 60 foot tables to print the wallpaper on.

This series was a collection of cups, monogrammed with the customer's initials.

To follow: great color pairings from the pages of the sample book in hues I wish I could recreate.


  1. Man, you know what Kelly Green wants? Wallpaper with her initials printed on it!

  2. I agree. And they would look amazing in a house like yours. I would love to recreate these. See today's post for actual samples.