Type. Print. Stamp. Love

We got married. Outside it was busy snowing 33 inches. Huge, perfect flakes of snow. Inside we had candle light and cupcakes; dancing and an abundance of warmth.

My typewriter joined us. So did my stamps. So did many of our favorite people in the world. I'm still filled with so much bliss, it bounces around. Luckily Valentine's Day is coming and I'm pretty good at sending mail.

Here is one of my favorite shots from our photographer. He brought his wife and they were the best.* All photo credits in this post & our thanks to them! www.shemroose.com

* not the best like "hey these people take good pictures," the best like: when my 5 year old step-son was in a funk and followed us outside into the snow, she put him on her shoulders and let him hold the flash until he was beaming, then ran him inside when it got too cold. That's the best. 
A few more from www.shemroose.com:
fireplace mantle where we got hitched & the kids starting off the photo booth. 

on church st after the ceremony:

typewritten notes:

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