Winter Flowers

Stray Cat Flowers grow their summer bouquets at the Intervale in Burlington and sell sweet quirky bouquets at the farmer's markets. They also generously donated flowers to our Cinderfella event.  I didn't realize they could do winter flowers as well.  I sent Diana a few images of what I liked and we met at their great new design space on Intervale road.

She dropped the flowers off as we were whirling around the Firehouse Gallery setting up on Saturday afternoon. I was in love. Ranunculus, peonies & spray roses in pale pinks, blushes and whites with the grey green lambs ear and a few ostrich feathers. Elegant and whimsical, I just can't say enough about how fluttery perfect they were.

My only disappointment is that I only held them for about 2 minutes, so they followed us around from the Burlington hotel to Stowe to home. And I had my new camera* to keep them alive a little bit longer.
*Remember how I hadn't been holding my breath for a new camera? I didn't, but one showed up under the tree anyway. I was completely surprised and love love love it!

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