I think the invitations went out long enough ago that this won't be a spoiler...

When we started planning, the only certainty was that I wanted to make my own invites. I knew the typewriter would be involved, but beyond that I just saw endless craft possibilities, with little project certainty. Then, this summer a wonderful local stationary store, Scribbles, in Burlington went sadly out of business. Sale on paper. Dangerous words. Their remaining inventory determined the color scheme. I wanted to use some metallic, but didn't want it to go kitsch. I tried to walk the line. The envelopes were delightful and I just bought a box of various papers up, hoping something would come to me.

Drew claims it took 6 weeks. That's an exaggeration, but not much of one. My mom was a life saver. Joining the assembly line at the surface formerly known as our kitchen table.  Here's the final product:

Can't get enough of that typewriter. Or those king & queen stamps...
Isn't that the best envelope lip? I was afraid that the post office would read it as the addressee line and after mailing I'd get 50 envelopes back, but all seems to have worked.

Would I do it all over again? I'd say no, but I'm already anxious to get started on your Valentine's Day cards. Old habits die hard.


  1. Hi! I saw your wedding on Once Wed, and it was so beautiful! I am planning a winter wedding in CT for 1/7/2011, so I love seeing gorgeous winter weddings. I am curious about your response cards. Is the little manilla envelope attached to the blue card? Did it go through the mail as a postcard? I love this design for a save-the-date (http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4045/4371371140_5b99cfd176_o.jpg) but I was hoping to send postcards to save on postage.

  2. hello & happy winter wedding planning! I love the mini-envelope on card look too. The small coin envelopes are attached to the blue postcard. I actually ran them through a sticker maker (something I used for a few projects) so there was no gluey mess. I had hoped they would go as postcards, but since was an "envelope" on the postcard size paper, they made me send it as a letter. Always check with the post office first! That said, I loved getting them back and opening the envelope and my mailwoman got a kick out of it too.