Super Heroic Interruptions

In the middle of sewing the little houses I was interrupted by an urgent request:
Bunny needed a mask and cape.
I was promptly instructed on fabric selection and placement.
I was also told not to sew my finger, "again."

I was asked why I wanted to work on my projects when Bunnies needed super hero costumes.

Valid question.
I was offered four, no, wait, two imaginary dollars for my trouble.
And with that, Lucas and Bunny flew off:
Only to be replaced by Bunny #2, with Owen in tow, needing the same outfit.
We're a well oiled operation here and cape #2 was designed and crafted quickly:
Yes, those are racing stripes, calico racing stripes...

And they were off.
I was told, to put out a fire in Florida.
Here's to hoping Bunnies don't join the Olympics.
I don't sew spandex.

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