Great Bellies, Shady Math

So, I am thirty + It is springtime. This seems to = a lot of babies in bellies.

I'm pretty clear on how this happens, though of late, I have been given several colorful crash courses in sex ed from my favorite 5 & 7 year old boys.  These days the preconditions of pregnancy involve 1) being a teacher and 2) having a husband. So I'm not in the running. Nor is our loyal dog, Casey, who had some sort of procedure involving tubes and , it was noted, does not have a husband (though several dog friends have been suggested).

What this new phenomenon really equals is a lot of baby sewing projects. I'm stuck on the Elephants. Here we are on the way into Burlington on our way to Kathy's babyshower. Sewing was, of course, finished in the car.

Elephant got off at Exit 14.


  1. Here's what I think about this: I've largely stopped sewing things for pregnant friends and am now sewing things for friends who accomplish something for society. Quilts are a lot of work, like completing a doctorate program in plant genetics so you can help feed the world or caring for your elderly parent, and I am saving my efforts to honor those friends.

  2. That sounds like a worthy plan for your sewing accomplishments. I'm pretty convinced that handmade toys make kids want to accomplish things, so I'm starting embryonic!