Ask and you shall receive

I like those airline maps with hub cities that explode like fireworks with curved lines to destination cities. Having shown you the production hub of valentine-land (aka our kitchen table), I was destined to love seeing your snapshots of where they ended up. There's nothing better than love that boomerangs and multiplies. Keep sending them...I'll keep posting them and remain inspired to set up the departure production hub again next year. x.o.x.o.x.o

From Sophie & Guapo the Cat ~ Brooklyn, NY

From Jennifer ~ S. Burlington, Vermont:

From Kent & Luis ~ Providence, RI:

From Jen ~ Burlington VT:

From Colleen ~ Oakland, CA:

From Allison ~ Burlington, VT, Hicks Foundation office! (ps we LOVE your Cervix. Keep it healthy! www.freepap.org)

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