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I've been going through a little stuffed animal phase. It started with a great elephant this summer which set me searching for stuffed animal patterns. This is much harder than you'd think. The majority are utterly cheesy. Don't google them, you end up in the bowels of craft hell (that's right, think: doilys, gingam aprons and inevitably a weightloss ad blinking to your left and a winking emoticon in a pop up window). Don't get me wrong, I still do it. I get the itch to make something cute and without realizing it, I've googled my way to an eye rolling display of angels with yarn hair. So I hit the eject button that is marthastewart (dot com). Say what you will about her, the woman has the best frustrated-over-educated-artsy-not-crafty hipsters making patterns.

Here's the most recent one I re-appropriated. My lovely friend, Jen, asked me to make a baby-shower gift for her sister-in-law, so that set me on a path of making a few prototypes. I'll take you through the process because, really, the best part is when the little animal starts coming to life...

Martha -god love her- always makes you enlarge the patterns. I don't have a handy photocopier to x200, so I rely on the maternal genes to do my best free hand of Martha's tiny pattern. (Our cereal boxes never could have hoped for such a happy after life). This one is supposed to be a lamb, but always comes out looking at least a little bit like a confused dog.

Then the sewing. I am terrible with following directions and actually find that, for sewing, written ones are often more confusing than helpful. So directions-to-self involve 1. Laying pattern pieces out. 2. Saying "I can totally figure this out." That gets me about 2/3rds of the way until I have to figure out how to do the underbelly or the head, which is always an hour long gigantic pain in the ass. Drew caught me looking off into the distance at dinner tonight trying to figure out what I'd done wrong with the neck/top of head/ear assembly. (I believe there was a hearty look of satisfaction when I figured it out. I was already ripping seams in my imagination...).

Here she is under the knife:

It's always great to turn your sewings inside out. But it's fabulous when your sewing project has...legs, a cute little darted mouth, and ears!

A little stuffing, and voila...she's alive.... and totally ready to be stuffed in a small child's mouth!

And after all of that. Seeing the finished product just makes me want to google more.


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  2. I really chose the wrong post-secondary education track. If I'd only known...

    In other news, my mom correctly points out that while I have nice fingernails, I appear to be wearing the same thing in every photo (though it's important to note that she has oft advocated for wishing she could wear a uniform every day, she appeared to be suggesting that I should wear different things) To be clear, this is not my sewing uniform, though I never realized how similar that top and sweater were and I promise I'll be more conscious of my outfits in my professional blogging photos in the future.

  3. Emily, I know you always figure it out, but I think you would benefit from some sewing lessons to make you more efficient. To teach you some tricks that make the creating more fun. I love the doll!